At FlyWealthServe our goal is to make your transaction as smooth and worry free as possible. Our aviation tax consultant services bases its success on the belief that communication is the key.

Here is what we offer our clients:

  • An initial review by our inhouse nationally recognized Sr. Tax Advisor to discuss your specific situation and determine if we can offer assistance. This is done over the phone, and usually takes 45 minutes. There is no charge for the initial aviation tax consultant services and we will only bill you once you understand what we can do for you and you are completely satisfied. No other service offers this guarantee.
  • The FlyWealthServe team, once an engagement letter has been signed, will offer to come to your location and sit down with you and your team, CFO, CPA, and Attorney to discuss our recommendations. No other aviation tax consultant services will come to your office, they only work over the phone and email and we charge nothing more for our meeting.
  • The FlyWealthServe team provides documentation advice, outlines record keeping requirements, reviews compliance and prepares yearly tax return for your CPA.
  • FlyWealthServe will, on an on-going basis, monitor and review your logs to insure compliance and offer on-going tax advice.
  • Our fee is without a multiyear commitment because we are confident that the value we provide will keep bringing you back year after year.

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