Cirrus Vision Jet Visits Naples Municipal Airport

The new Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet and a 2017 Cirrus SR22 Generation-6 piston aircraft
visited the Naples Municipal Airport on Friday, to show off the two new aircraft to current
and potential Cirrus Aircraft owners.  FlyWealthServe was proud to attend! The two aircraft were on display at Rexair Flight & Maintenance during an all day open house conducted by Rexair’s Cirrus Certified Training Center.


While there were many attendees that wanted a chance to sit in the new G6 version
of the Cirrus SR22, the real “star of the show” was the Cirrus Vision Jet. Attendees
lined up to sit in the cockpit and rear seats of the single-engine jet and commented on
the spaciousness of the aircraft once they had the opportunity to climb in and
experience the seating.



Representatives from Cirrus were present to discuss the two aircraft and the open
house was well attended by both full-time and part-time residents that were in Naples
early for the Thanksgiving holiday. FlyWealthServe was also present at the event and
spoke to many of the attendees about the federal and state tax benefits of owning and
operating general aviation aircraft. Of particular interest to the attendees was the
potential change in tax benefits from the proposed “Trump Tax Plan” and how their


aircraft depreciation deductions would be affected by the plan in its current form.  If you are concerned about the potential impacts on your fillings, we encourage you to set up a meeting to discuss your specific situation.
Cirrus Vision Jet Visits Naples Municipal Airport

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