“I knew I wanted to fly, on a personal note. However, I also saw the vast practicality of private aircraft for business as well as pleasure. I have 6 different companies I own, and my time is very limited. I knew I wanted to wrap the aircraft into our business model, but as I looked I came to understand there were significant implications, and intricacies involved in owning a business aircraft. Enter Rick Galvin and his team. They were able to listen to who I was from my business models, my personal needs, and tailored an ownership matrix for the plane that made legal, tax, and business sense for ME. That is the key. There were no prefabricated paradigms that I had to fit into. They worked with me, and for me. They called my own personal accountant so they could understand my businesses, they called my book keeper, they called me many times..even on a Saturday morning because that was the only hole in my schedule. They called the professional pilots employer to be sure that contract was correct. They created the legal documents for the aircraft company to hold the plane. They have followed up after on several calls to be sure we are keeping the books correct. I could go on and on. In summary, they took something off my table and made it right. I now have an aircraft I feel confident is being accounted for appropriately, I was definitely educated in the process, and enjoy my aircraft with less concern over legalities, and accounting. Rick and his team are worth every penny.”

Dr. Scott A Irvine
Vole Holdings
Carpo Restaurant Enterprises
DOLSBY Real Estate Investments
IHM Billing Solutions
CDS Surgery Center
Integrated Pain Management

“I am very appreciative of how your team made an intimidating process of buying a plane for the first time quite simple. The expertise your organization provided in structuring and executing the transaction made it seamless. I will definitely use you guys again when I buy my next plane.”
Ted M

“I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am for the services of FlyWealthServe.  When I was contemplating my latest Cirrus purchase I had no idea where to start in that unlike my last plane I was going to be partially using the plane for business purposes which brought into play an array of legal, tax and regulatory issues.  FlyWealthServe went above and beyond to guide me through the process.   Critical advice that helped me structure the deal appropriately and ultimately helped me avoid missteps that could have resulted in unnecessary liability.   Extraordinarily talented folks who were truly a pleasure to work with.

Bruce T Roberts